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Family of 5 loses home to large fire near Luther

OKLAHOMA CITY - A home near Luther is a total loss after an early-morning house fire.

"The fire alarms went off, the house started and poof it was gone," Kerri Jones told News 4.

Jones said her family have lived on their property in the area for a few years. Now, their home is a total loss.

"My family is out, and that's all there is," Jones said.

The family of five is now left with bits and pieces of what was once their home.

"We have lots of family, and we have lots of friends and everybody has been very supportive, saying we can stay with them or if we need anything to let them know," Jones said.

"Our first crews reported flames 30-40 feet in the air," said Batt. Chief Kyle Durham. "You could see it quite a ways off from the turnpike when we were on our way out here."

It wasn't just the sight but also the sounds coming from the home that alarmed everyone on scene.

"The homeowner reported they had about 2,000 rounds of live ammo inside the house," Durham said. "So, that's what you heard going off."

Officials said the flames were so intense, they had to attack the fire from outside of the home. At the same time, a grass fire surrounded the area and crews tried to keep the flames away from a propane tank out back.

Jones said she's thankful the fire alarms sounded.

"I think that was God," she said. "He just was protecting us. He got us up and out."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.