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Hidden Treasures: Surprise discovery at Edmond donation center leaves volunteers grinning from ear to ear

EDMOND, Okla. - In the thick of threadbare clothing, broken VCRs and bric-a-brac, there is a Mount Everest of hidden treasure.

“We've gotten all sorts of odd things,” said EARC volunteer Carol Wright.

EARC collects donations to support vocational and residential opportunities for folks with developmental disabilities.

Walter has worked there 17 years and, oh, the stories he could tell. He recalls finding $17,000 inside old cabinets.

“I turned it in, to be honest," he said. "I'm a Christian.”

Joe Stone discovered a wad of cash, hiding under a chair cushion.

“Right here. Right there," Stone told us, pointing to the chair. "It was just tucked inside.”

And, it's not just money. The boxes are beaming with valuables.

A team of EARC volunteers spend hours sifting, researching and pricing all the donated doodads, knickknacks and trinkets.

Some of the recent finds include sports memorabilia, like a wood crate of golf clubs.

“It said Las Vegas, and I believe it said Dean Martin,” Wright said.

High-end artwork is a regular find, according to executive director Bonnie Wells.

“When we looked it up, the artist was a known artist and, yes, we price those differently,” Wells said.

When items are accidentally donated, EARC tries to retrieve and return.

But, more often, one man's trash is the store's treasure and, ultimately, available for sale at discount prices.

Happy shopping, everyone.