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Community comes together to help Oklahoma business rebuild after arson fire

LANE, Okla. – A business that lost everything in a fire is back open thanks to the help of their community.

In January, Tim Feuehelm’s shop, Lane Auto Electric, was set on fire. Everything was destroyed.

“At first I was mad, and then I tried to focus on rebuilding,” said owner Rachael Feurerhelm.

But, with about 500 volunteers and thousands of dollars in donations, as well as the donation of hundreds of tools, the shop has a new building and is back open.

“The blessings just keep coming and I have to give the credit to God and our community,” said Racheal Feuerhelm. “Our parking lot was full of volunteers for weeks. Whether they helped tear down the business, pour concrete.”

The same day of the fire, a fundraiser was organized by a community.

“It was an outpouring of love like I’ve never seen,” she told KXII. “All the volunteers that got us open again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”