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Indiana couple accused of sexually abusing three children, family dog for years

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. – An Indiana couple is accused of sexually abusing three children and their dog for years, the Journal Review reports.

Keylin L. Johnson, 52, and Sheila L. Johnson, 44, face more than a dozen charges. Keylin’s charges include multiple counts of child molesting and possession of child porn. Sheila has been charged with multiple counts of child molesting and bestiality.

The police investigation began on Feb. 25 when one of the alleged victims told police about the abuse.

The victim says the abuse began in 2012, and it also involved sexual relations with the family dog, according to court documents obtained by the Journal Review.

Keylin reportedly told the victims it was a “normal way of life.” He is accused of filming the abuse, and investigators found sexually explicit images and videos on his laptop and cell phone.

According to court documents, Keylin told investigators during an interview he was “guilty of internet porn and other stuff.”

The couple remains in the Montgomery County Jail on $50,000 surety/cash bond. Sheila’s jury trial is set for July 31, and Keylin’s is set for August 14.