Mustang Police Department stepping up enforcement after increase in traffic violations

MUSTANG, Okla. – The Mustang Police Department says they are stepping up enforcement in specific areas after seeing an increase in traffic violations.

“An increased number of drivers have recently been cited for exceeding the speed in local school zones and for failing to stop for school buses loading and unloading children. Unlike at the start of each school year, drivers become complacent and tend to ignore the warning signs for both school zones and buses as we progress through the school year. Drivers not only risk the safety of children in these areas but they risk losing the driving privileges,” Mustang police said in a Facebook post. 

Mustang police urge drivers to pay extra attention to children playing outdoors and pedestrians as well.

“This is also the time of year where we see an increase in motorcycle traffic. Drivers not only need to be more attentive to the pedestrians but to the continuous possibility of a motorcycle traveling on the roadway. Due to their narrow design, motorcycles can be difficult to see when approaching. Drivers need to pause and increase the amount of time they take to check for oncoming vehicles before turning or entering into traffic,” police said.