Oklahoma students walkout of school to demand gun reform

OKLAHOMA CITY - Students all over the metro took part in a national walkout on the one-month anniversary of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Students took part in the protest demanding more action on gun control from legislators and to remember the 17 lives lost on Feb. 14.

There were also counter protesters, but all remained peaceful in the metro.

"We need to make the change now because people are being killed and hurt by guns every day,” Kennedy Denton, an Edmond North High School junior, said.

Passionate students with impactful signs protesting what they believe is inaction by the government.

"We really want to play a part in making sure the conversation is as loud as it was a month ago when the Parkland shooting happened and we want to keep it going until legislation is passed,” Lyric Wall-Kuhn, a  Norman High School student, said.

Southridge Junior High, Norman High School, and Edmond North High School were a few of the thousands of schools around the nation taking part in the protest for gun reform.

An organizer told NBC News around 185,000 students participated in the walkout Wednesday morning.

Edmond North High School followed through with the peaceful protest after investigating a threat police found to not be credible. Still, there was a heavy police presence on campus.

"We're proud of them for exploring who they are as people and what it is they believe and what they want to stand for, and so it's a learning opportunity for our kids,” Edmond North Principal Debreon Davis said.

Those who participated in the walkout were counted as absent from their class. While many focused on gun control, some students voiced concerns about proposed policies.

"We can't pay for updated school books. How are going to pay for a gun for 20 percent of the teachers in our schools?” Lauren Haizlip, an eighth-grade student at Southridge Junior High School, said.

"In a world that's crazy on politics, I think it's super cool to see kids come together to remember the lives that were lost in the tragic shooting,” Keegan Myers, an Edmond North High School senior, said.

Southridge Junior High held its protest inside the gym and students wore these shirts demanding change.

“There are just so many people out there that are cruel people that if they're in possession of a firearm, it's horrible what they could do and how malicious they are,” Haizlip said.

These students say they'll continue to protest until changes are made.

There is a nationwide walk out scheduled for March 24, and Oklahoma students will be marching at the State Capitol.