Storms possible this weekend

Yukon school board approves resolution to support teachers during potential walkout

YUKON, Okla. - During a special board meeting on Wednesday morning, the Yukon Public Schools board approved a resolution supporting their teachers who choose to participate in a possible statewide walkout, demanding lawmakers fund a teacher pay raise.

The Yukon Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a resolution supporting their teachers' plea for a pay raise and more funding for education.

The resolution, in part, reads: "WHEREAS the lack of funding, lack of an increase in teacher pay and lack of action by the Legislature has now reached a crisis level in Oklahoma."

"We just wanted to make sure that everybody, the public, the school had a formal declaration from our school board that we are absolutely on board with what they're trying to do,"said Dr. Jason Simeroth, the superintendent for Yukon Public Schools.

Yukon joins districts all over the state, including Edmond, Moore, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, who are supporting their teachers and preparing for the possible walkout.

"We just have to plan for the worst case scenario as districts, and the worst case scenario is they don't come back at all," Simeroth said. "It's scary. It really is."

Yukon administrators are currently working on plans for students to have food and childcare for parents if schools do close.

Simeroth said he hopes it doesn't have to come to that and lawmakers act before the April 2 deadline.

"It's something that's kept us up at nights on this side of the table trying to figure out what to do," Simertho said.