Attorney for Edmond residents fighting to stop rezoning plan

EDMOND, Okla. — Residents of an Edmond neighborhood are hoping that city leaders decide against a rezoning plan that would allow two hotels to be built near their homes.

Tapp Development Companies has filed a proposal with the city of Edmond to change a plot of land on the northwest corner of Fox Lake Lane and I-35 to a Planned Unit Development (PUD), according to their attorney, Randel Shadid.

“There’s a little space to the west that could be an office area, that’s really not in the plan to develop immediately and, then, to the north is the wellness park,” Shadid said.

According to the proposal, the wellness park will be gifted to the city of Edmond after the final site plan is approved for both hotels.

However, not everyone is on board with the plan.

Fox Lake resident told News 4 that they are concerned about traffic and the proximity of the proposed hotels to their neighborhood pool and playground.

“We pay dues for that, and it should be ours, not just somebody wandering down the street and using it,” said Bob Liles.

“I don’t think that a hotel belongs that close to a neighborhood. If you look at other hotels around in any area, there aren’t any that butt up against this close to a neighborhood that I can think of,” Kim Lewis, vice president of the Fox Lake Homeowners’ Association, said. “If they put an office park over here, they could walk over and check out our kids at the pool and that’s not a good thing.”

Shadid told News 4 neighbors should not be surprised by the proposal. According to him, living near a bustling interstate highway means the possibility of projects and changes like this.

“It always amazes me how people always want to tell people how to spend their money. If you got a plan for the property, buy the property but don’t be telling us where and what to build,” he said. “If you build a home on the interstate, to me… it’s disingenuous to come in and say, ‘Oh, we didn’t expect any higher intensity development on there.”

Now, an attorney for the homeowners has submitted a memorandum to city leaders, urging them to vote against the rezoning plan.

The memorandum argues that the plan doesn't fit with the current standards set by the city, and would also lead to problems in the area like increased traffic and safety issues.

"In the event of a hotel fire, how will fire and other emergency personnel attend to their difficult and meritorious tasks of attending to life and property?" the document states.

The attorney for the homeowners also argues that crime is likely to increase if the hotel is built, and that the company plans to build in a floodplain.

"Petitioners' position is simple. The intent and purpose of our interstate system is travel. For driving...For interstate travel unimpeded by intersections and traffic signals so vehicles may travel from state to state and location to location more efficiently and more safely. The primary purpose of our interstate system is not for commercial opportunity and 'traditional urban sprawl,' the same is simply a byproduct our City expressly wishes to avoid," the document reads.