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High winds fan 5-mile blaze southwest of Calumet

CALUMET, Okla. - Wind gusts over 40 mph helped spread a wildfire over a 5-mile swath of western Oklahoma Thursday afternoon.

Firefighters battled in a charred smoldering landscape 25 miles southwest of El Reno.

Officials think the fire started south of the Canadian River, and quickly spread up to 5 miles north, snaking through fields and stands of trees.

The El Reno Fire Department led the charge, but crews from Geary, Union City, Calumet, Cedar Creek and Cogar joined in with tankers, brush pumpers and BIAs to help combat the blaze.

Helicopter air drops occurred throughout afternoon in an effort to try and keep the blaze in check.

Thankfully, there were no civilian or first responder injuries reported. No structures were damaged.

The Department of Forestry was specifically called in to help with this situation.

“What's happening, it's getting into some heavy timber out here, a lot of the cedar they have out here in western Oklahoma, it's gotten down into it and about the time you think you got a knock down on it, it will jump into another line of heavy trees or something," said El Reno Fire Chief Kent Lagaly. “High fire danger, and we see why."