“It was just so meaningful,” Jesse Itzler visits the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

OKLAHOMA CITY - "This is my first time in Oklahoma City," said Jesse Itzler.

Itzler was able to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum for the first time.

"Wow! That is a great tribute. I just took a tour of the memorial. It was just so meaningful. It's just touching and thorough and very well done. They say that grit is the number one indicator of success of future success and this is a gritty city. I mean, it's had to overcome a lot of stuff," he said.

He says those participating in the Run to Remember should think twice if they feel like giving up during the race.

"Two words that changed my life - if you have to make a big decision in the marathon, whether or not you want to keep going or stop - and those words are 'Remember tomorrow, remember tomorrow.' You want to drop out of the race at mile 18 'cause you're tired? Cool. Remember how you are going to feel tomorrow when someone asks you how you did," he said.

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