Massage customers locked out without warning

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kat Dinh says she was stood up, so she let the world know about it!

“I got really upset and went online and then I went on social media, Yelp, all of this stuff,” Kat said. “This is happening.”

What's going on is Phoenix Medical Massage Therapy's three metro locations suddenly shut down with no heads up to customers, no letter, no email, no phone call, nothing.

“I spent $300,” Kat said.

Customers prepaid for packages.

Some spent hundreds of dollars on sessions.

One lady the In Your Corner team messaged back and forth with on Facebook says she and her husband are out $3,000.

Accounts were hit with charges for services they're not getting!

Massage therapists are wondering what happened to their last two pay checks.

Word is owner and former airman, Justus Bosquez, is back in his hometown of Austin now and running a construction company down there.

His local number appears to be turned off, but I was able to connect with him through Facebook messenger and asked him if anything was done to notify customers.

“No, my staff did not do that,” Bosquez said. “I didn't do that.”

He blames the massage closures in Oklahoma on a construction dispute in Texas.

“We basically got defrauded out of $102,000 from a customer in Rockford, Texas,” Bosquez said. “We have him in litigation right now. We have a lien on his house.”

Bosquez claims he uses the same credit card processing system, Square, for both of his businesses and when the customer in Texas disputed a $25,000 charge with his credit card company it set off a chain reaction of events with Square, forcing him to shut down his massage company. 

“Since they couldn't collect the money, they decided to run my social and they find out that I have a company in Oklahoma and they held monies in Oklahoma from what was owed in Texas."

Kat's since disputed the payment with her credit card company and that's really her best and only option for a refund.

We're in the process of verifying Bosquez's claims with Square and the Texas Courts system.

He tells the In Your Corner team he’s in the process of filing bankruptcy.

We'll keep you posted.

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