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Neighbors relieved after hostage situation comes to peaceful end

NICOMA PARK, Okla. - Investigators said a woman was held against her will during an hours-long standoff. The alleged suspect eventually surrendered and was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on several charges.

"The cop asked me if I lived by myself. I said 'Yeah.' He asked me to leave," said Debbie Mankin. "I asked him if I could stay... He said, 'Nope, that trailer house right behind you... a man was holding a lady hostage."

Mankin wasn't the only one evacuated from her home following the terrifying standoff situation in Nicoma Park.

"Yesterday evening, about 10:30; I haven't been home since," Donald Thompson told News 4.

"We got a 911 call to a house down here on Westminster. It was a disturbance call," said Mark Opgrande with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. "Apparently, there was an individual with a weapon."

It all started when neighbors told authorities they heard several gunshots coming from the mobile home nearby.

"Nicoma Park police officers showed up. Shortly after that, the individual went into the house with a female," Opgrande said. "So, they backed up and called dispatch to dispatch our tactical team."

Authorities tried to negotiate with the armed suspect, Michael Briggs, for about six hours. They also spoke with the woman who told them she was being held against her will.

"I really can't stress enough how instrumental our negotiation team was in bringing this to a safe ending," Opgrande said.

Briggs surrendered peacefully, and the victim was not hurt.

It was a huge relief to neighbors, who spent the evening and part of the morning waiting to return home.

"I feel better now," ​Mankin said.

Briggs was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on the several charges including kidnapping, domestic abuse, possession of a firearm with under the influence and obstructing a police officer.