Police: Latest explosion may have been triggered by trip wire in Austin; two injured

AUSTIN, Texas  –  After a series of package bombings across Austin, the community is on edge.

On Sunday night, Austin police announced that two other people were injured in another explosion.

According to KXAN, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said it was “very possible” that Sunday night’s explosion was triggered by a trip wire.

Investigators say two men in their 20s were either riding or pushing their bicycles when the explosion occurred in the “Travis County East” subdivision in southwest Austin.

Fortunately, both men survived the blast and are in good condition at a nearby hospital.

The explosion has led the police department to ask residents within a half-mile radius of the explosion to stay inside their homes until 10 a.m. on Monday.

Chief Manley says investigators are working under the assumption that the latest explosion is connected to the previous blasts. However, there are several key differences between the latest explosion and the previous cases.