Bus driver says goodbye to 4-year-old he sees every morning after his route is changed 

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A bus driver in Milwaukee had to say goodbye to one of his favorite riders, a 4-year-old girl, after his route was changed.

Bus driver John Reed sees Sebastiana Balistreri and her mom, Tracy, every morning.

But recently, Reed’s route was changed, so he wanted to do something special for his favorite passenger.

“Good morning, sweetie! Oh my gosh. How are you? I got you a card, I got you a coloring book and there’s something else in there for you,” Reed told Sebastiana as he gave her a gift.

The adorable moment was caught on camera from inside the bus.

“I can honestly say that over the past months you have been my favorite lil bus passenger. Your happy smile and warm Good Mornings have brightened my everyday. I want to thank you for being a GREAT EXAMPLE for others to follow,” Reed wrote inside Sebastiana’s card.

Sebastiana’s mom said the two have become best friends.

“My daughter is very happy,” Tracy told InsideEdition. “That’s just the way she is. In the morning, when she sees him coming, she gets very excited. They just struck up a friendship.”

“In honor of John’s generosity and kindness, I’d like to ask you to pay it forward today. Do something unexpected today for someone just because. More smiles in this world will help make it a happier place to live,” Tracy wrote on Facebook.

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