Dash cam video shows crazy high-speed chase and crash

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EDMOND, Okla. - New dash cam video was released on Wednesday of Edmond police in pursuit of an auto burglary suspect.

Video shows the car going 120 mph down city streets with the suspect blowing through intersections, then running up on a curb and finally breaking through a fence, taking a plunge into a ditch 10-feet below.

The ordeal started around 4 a.m. Saturday when police found two people breaking into cars around Santa Fe and Danforth in Edmond.

Officers were able to subdue and arrest Natalie Adams, but 39-year-old Ryan Shaw got away, hopping into a stolen vehicle and speeding north.

Natalie Adams

Another police car in the area pursued, but once speeds got over 100 mph, and the suspect was in Logan County, the officer had the plate number and decided to call off the pursuit.

Less than half an hour later, that same black Pathfinder was seen coming back into Edmond on Sooner Rd. and two patrol cars began a pursuit.

"They are going about 120 mph, headed back into Edmond, you can see the suspect going through all the intersections without braking to Fairfax Drive" said Jennifer Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department.

At that point, the lead police car tried to bump the suspect's tire to force a spin out, but instead, the Pathfinder goes up on the curb, then through a guard fence, and down 10 feet into a ravine.

When Shaw would not exit the car, officers pulled him out through the sunroof. The suspect then struck an officer, and a short fight ensued. The officer suffered a broken hand as he battled Shaw to the ground.

Ryan Shaw

"You can see the fight and what it took to take him into custody. Like we say, police work is not pretty. This is what we are dealing with on a very regular basis," said Wagnon.

After searching the car, the report reads like a laundry list.

"We have meth, heroine, there were multiple syringes inside the vehicle, credit cards that belonged to multiple people, stolen property from a crime spree that night and most likely previous auto burglaries that we are piecing together, and in fact, the vehicle he was driving was stolen out of Edmond on March 5th," Wagon said.

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