New dip data to make your March Madness munching marvelous

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – While a lot of people are stress eating during the NCAA tournament, Sam’s Club has created a dip data list, showing the popularity of certain dips throughout the nation.

Oklahoma has dipped into the love of cheese on the Sam’s Club ‘Snacketology’ scale.


  • Dips with a cheese base are a slam dunk with members in the South and Midwest.
  • White cheese dip is #1 in the hearts of members in these regions. While traditionally served at room temperature, most prefer to eat it warm and call it queso instead of cheese dip.
  • Oklahoma loves our Member’s Mark Bacon & Cheddar Ranch, which is universal for dipping, spreading, or let’s be honest, eating by the spoonful.

Upper Midwest:

  • The tomatoes may come from coasts, but salsa dominates the upper Midwest. With tomatoes that go from farm-to-jar in 48 hours, Italian Rose Fresh Salsa is the freshest salsa around.
  • Dissimilar to other regions, the Upper Midwest prefers a sweeter salsa with less spice.


  • Regional salsas dominate the Southwest. With a local, cantina-style feel and jalapeno heat, you can put these salsas on anything.
  • On the West Coast, avocado dips are leading the way. Avocados are packed with essential vitamins, fiber and healthy fats.
  • Hummus is a way of life in California, and members are fiercely brand loyal. They are known for switching it up only if there is a new, quality flavor.

East Coast:

  • Along the East Coast, seafood dips are king!
  • Big T’s Crab dip is a coastal Carolina and Virginia favorite. This dip features wild-caught crab and makes a great dip, but also brings spreadable summer fun to any sandwich.


  • Game day or not, French Onion is a year-round staple for dipping and topping in the Midwest and Northeast. But I bet you didn’t know that not all French onion dips are created equally. Ingredients and flavors are extremely regional. Members in different areas swear by different brands and flavors. Just ask your friends, they’ll tell you.


  • The Southeast has a knack for smoky flavors. Whether it’s our Member’s Mark Smoky Gouda Pimento or Smilin’ Bob’s Key West Smoked Fish Dip, members can’t get enough.

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