WildCare officials working to help bald eagle survive possible poisoning

NOBLE, Okla. – A local organization is working to help a bald eagle heal after it ingested poison.

On Tuesday night, a game warden discovered a bald eagle gasping for air next to another dead eagle.

The game warden immediately rushed the eagle to WildCare for treatment.

Organizers say the bird is at least 5-years-old and is likely suffering from a possible poisoning.

“They both had blood in the mouth leading to the belief of poison as many poisons are anticoagulants, causing internal bleeding leading to death,” a post by WildCare read.

Officials say you should not put out poison as a way to get rid of “pest” species because the poison is often picked up by other animals.

WildCare officials say they are giving the eagle oxygen and are hoping that he can survive his injuries.