Five Norman people charged for stealing from and beating couple selling iPhone X

NORMAN, Okla. - An Oklahoma City couple was shot at, beaten, and nearly robbed by five people in Norman when a seemingly innocent iPhone X sale went bad.

Daniel Redding and his girlfriend met with a potential buyer for his phone, when police said two girls and three young men tried to steal it.

The five people, 21-year-old Summer French, 18-year-old Delaney Ard, 20-year-old Jeremiah Thorpe, 19-year-old Matthew Treadwell, and a 17-year-old male are all charged with felonies including conjoint robbery.

It all started at about 1 a.m. when Redding planned to meet French because that was the best time she said worked with his schedule.

He and his girlfriend met them at their apartment complex parking lot in Norman. Police said French came to their car with Ard.

"They're pretty small, so I felt no threat from either of them," Redding said. When he saw French was holding cash, he said he believed it was a legitimate deal and handed her the phone to inspect.

Then he said French and Ard took off with the phone.

"I ran her down and tackled her which is unfortunate for her because I'm a pretty heavy guy," Redding said.

He grabbed his phone, but when he stood up, he said he was face-to-face with three young men pointing guns at him.

"I was afraid for my life," he said.

But Redding said he was more angry than mad, and when they demanded the iPhone X, he wasn't going to let them steal from him without a fight.

"So I told them no," Redding said, "because I'm an idiot."

Police said the men beat him and even punched his girlfriend in the face until they could escape to call 911.

That's when they heard a gunshot go off. Neither was hit and police arrived soon after.

"They're stupid," Redding said. "To get together and decide to steal one phone, the payoff is almost nothing for each of those people."