Lorde fan of the Thunder after visit from players at her Tulsa concert

TULSA, Okla. – Lorde is a self-proclaimed “Thunder fan now” after a visit from a couple of players at her concert in Tulsa.

On Wednesday night, the artist brought her Melodrama World Tour to the BOK Center, along with openers Tove Styrke and Run the Jewels.

Following the show, there was a reunion, years in the making. Lorde, Steven Adams – both from New Zealand – and Andre Roberson recreated a group photo taken of them about five years ago.

“Always a pleasure @lordemusic never a chore!” Adams posted on Instagram.

“Great concert, even better people!” Roberson posted.

“Thanks for coming dre,” Lorde commented.

“Thanks for having us! Killed it!” he replied back to her comment.

Lorde posted more photos with the players, including one of her jumping next to the taller of the two Kiwis.

“Couple of baby kiwis very far from home — thanks for coming to the show old mate!” she posted.

Lorde also took to Twitter to highlight Adams’ height, calling him and Roberson both “giants.” That’s where, with another photo of the group hanging out backstage and a hashtag, the artist declared her fandom for the team.

“My fav giant came to our show in Oklahoma last night and brought my other fav giant #okimathunderfannow,” she tweeted.

Lorde followed up the tweet with a reply about being proud of the two “absolute class acts and total gentlemen” – who brought her chocolate.

“For real these two are absolute class acts and total gentlemen and i’m so proud of them. And they brought me WHITTAKERS,” she replied.