Man arrested after leading police on high-speed chase through downtown Tulsa during Lorde concert

TULSA, Okla. – A man who led police on a high-speed chase during the Lorde concert in downtown Tulsa was arrested.

It started Wednesday when police spotted 21-year-old Joseph Dearmond in a stolen vehicle and not wearing a seat belt.

Police say Dearmond led them on a chase through downtown Tulsa, reaching speeds around 70 mph.

“It was like a sheriff, he just went flying by, and I’m like, he’s going fast to go down 3rd,” said an employee who works in downtown Tulsa.

Before Dearmond was pulled over, police say he drove past the BOK Center, where a Lorde concert was taking place, and reportedly almost hit multiple people in the parking lot.

He also ran red lights and cut off other drivers, FOX 23 reports.

“Just pull over. Don’t put everybody else’s lives in danger,” the employee said.

The chase ended when Dearmond crashed into another driver and rolled the stolen SUV several times, taking out a light pole.


The other driver is okay.

Dearmond was arrested on several complaints, including reckless driving and possession of a stolen vehicle.