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Mangum police searching for escaped inmate

MANGUM, Okla. – The Mangum Police Department says they are searching for an escaped inmate.

Police say the inmate, Teddy Ely, escaped from the Mangum Golf Course earlier on Thursday. They say he used a 4-wheeler to escape, and then drove northwest of Mangum, where he stopped at a farm house and stole a pickup.

The truck is described as a single cab, short bed, orange in color, 1990 Chevy pickup.

Police believe he is going west on Highway 9 toward Wellington, but have also had reports of him going into Mangum, turning west on Taft and also going south on Louis Tittle past Love’s.

Officials say do not approach Ely if you see him. They do not know if he is armed or not.

He is described as:

  • white male
  • red hair
  • 6 feet
  • blue eyes
  • large tattoo on the front of his neck

Call 911 if you see him.