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Midwest City neighborhood worried new retention pond could bring on old problems

MIDWEST CITY - A Midwest City neighborhood is worried a new retention pond could bring on old problems.

Homeowners in the Turtlewood community want Home Creations to fix the old neighborhood ponds before they build more onto the new one.

The old HOA transfer for the old pond went through but neighbors said not without an abundance of maintenance problems.

"We just don't know how much, and we don't know if they're going to pay for all of it," said Kathy Fetters. "We don't know anything."

It's a potentially costly problem residents said they may be forced to handle.

"We're just kind of concerned because we see what this pond is doing and then the new pond has steep sides also," Fetters said.

There retention ponds in the older part the neighborhood are showing their age, crumbling wooden signs of erosion.

Neighbor said this was happening before the HOA transfer; now, they're worried the newest pond will give them the same problems.

"We didn't okay it, and we didn't build it," Fetters said. "Why do we have to be responsible for it?"

"We had absolutely no say in it," said homeowner Charles Knight.

Home Creations is the builder.

"We want to make sure, when the HOA was transferred over, that the homeowners are happy with the transfer," said John Burris with Home Creations. "We want to make sure they're not negative or anything with the accounts."

Burris represents the company, and he also lives in the neighborhood. He said the retaining wall in the older pond has been there for 15 years and was approved by the city.

"We didn't know that in 15 years we would be sitting in this situation obviously, and we want to make sure that the homeowners can come with us to solve the solution," Burris said.

A letter circulating the neighborhood said: "One of our residents has found an attorney who specializes in HOAs and will been meeting with her to see what she can advise."

"We're concerned that, if this one is doing that, the new one's going to do that," Fetters said.

In a statement, Mayor Matthew Dukes said:

"The City is very cognizant of the issues, and we're sympathetic and we're going to meet with a developer to see if we can rectify these issues and also enforce any ordinances that may come into play as a result of the erosion or damages out there."

Home Creations plans to send out a crew to survey the older ponds. Burris also said they started a bid for possible repairs.