Nearly $300k in stolen property found at Lincoln Co. house; burglaries date back 16 years 

LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. - The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office went to a house northwest of Prague to investigate a suspicious vehicle, and instead, found close to $300,000 dollars in stolen property.

There were commonly stolen 4-wheelers, tractors and trailers in the yard, but also so much more, including giant coolers, store displays, power tools and refrigerators.

Inside the scene was even worse, storage tubs were stacked to the ceiling.

"This looks like a cross between 'thieves are us' and 'hoarders,'" said Captain Larry Stover of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

Among the stolen items in the house were baseball cards, comics, jewelry, military items, guns, ammo and even a collection of Purple Hearts.

Police say most of the items stolen are from storage facilities in a five-county area.

"Most of victims don’t even realize their stuff got broken into until we contact them and tell them." said Captain Stover.

Most of the items were stolen over the last two years, but on Thursday, authorities uncovered a birth certificate that was stolen in 2002.

Ashley Gilbreth is one of the close to 30 victims. Her storage locker was broken into last October.

"My daughter is a dancer, and she has this huge dance bag. It had dance costumes in it. I got a message today saying they found her bag with all her costumes in it, and it's like, yes, they found my stuff," Gilbreth said. "It's really disgusting. There was no heart in the things that they took. They didn't care what it was, notebook and Bible. Who steals a bible?"

Authorities believe 49-year-old Jonathan Bartlett Robertson is behind the crimes.

They say he was living in the house at the time of the raid because he was raising baby chicks inside.

Officials say he may have run when he saw police approach through video cameras he had installed that were meant to keep his ex-wife away.

If you have any information on these crimes, you are asked to call Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.