Boys discover mastodon jaw bone while playing

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VICKSBURG, Miss. – A group of Mississippi boys made a prehistoric discovery while on spring break.

Officials say 12-year-old Caid Sellers, 10-year-old Shawn Sellers and 10-year-old Michael Mahalitc found a mastodon jaw bone not far from their home.

“One day, we were just out and about doing yard work, walking around the woods like we normally do and stuff when we’re bored,” Caid told WLBT. “I ran up on what I thought was a log and I flipped it over and I saw teeth and I said, ‘Shawn and Michael, we gotta take this up to the house!”

Caid said they couldn’t carry it, so they ended up using a golf cart to bring it back home.

“I was pretty sure they just had a log or a stick,” said Lynette Welch, Caid and Shawn’s mother. “They’re kids. I didn’t really think there was a dinosaur tooth, which is what they were saying.”

After taking the bone to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the boys learned that the jaw belonged to a mastodon.

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