Woman pinned under vehicle after being hit by drunk driver

TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman is recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sierra Letterman, who goes by Rose, and Alexis Cohen were pulling into a friend’s driveway when they were hit by a suspected drunk driver.

“I remember spinning in the air and then we stopped and we looked down and I saw Rose pinned underneath the car,” Cohen told KJRH.

Although Cohen wasn’t hurt, she immediately jumped out of the car and yelled for help.

“I yelled my loudest yell for people to come help lift the car off of her,” she said.

Strangers lifted the car off of Letterman, who was rushed to a nearby hospital with a crushed pelvis, broken sternum and bruised lungs.

Tulsa police arrested the driver who hit their vehicle for driving under the influence and driving under suspension.