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10-year-old who went into DHS custody as infant holding out hope to be adopted

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Billy is 10 years old and looking forward to finding a forever family.

This kiddo loves fishing, puzzles and martial arts a lot.

We took him to meet his favorite exotic animal at the Oklahoma City Zoo - a great ape experience.

Togo is the father at the exhibit, the protector of his kingdom.

"He's my favorite,” Billy said.

Another favorite for Billy? Some famous superheroes.

"Superman, Flash, Spiderman," Billy said. "I like to watch all kinds of movies.”

But, when you ask him to pick his favorite - you might be surprised to learn it's not from a comic book.

"He told me he wants to be a ninja," said Adoption Transition Specialist with OKDHS Elaine Benson. "He really likes the karate stuff right now.”

Billy really lights up when he talks about martial arts.

The sweet child has had a lot to deal with in his young life. He went into DHS custody at just a month old. His caretakers - the only family he's ever known.

"He's an active, young kid," Benson said. "He likes to put things together, take them apart, see how they work. He likes video games. Just the typical boy stuff."

And, like most kids his age, Billy loves playing video games and going fishing - an activity he'd like to do with a dad.

"He responds really well to male role models,” Benson said.

His adoption worker said he would do best with a two-parent household that can care for his special needs.

"He needs a family that can add some structure, add a little bit of supervision there but just generally a family that's willing to commit to him for the long haul,” Benson said.

And, those who know Billy well are rooting for him, that he'll one day find that place to call home.

"There's always hope that there's a family who's out there just waiting on him and join him, and that's what we're about," Benson said. "We need to find that family."

For more information, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398. For more resources, visit

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