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“I have never been that scared,” Bail bond agent speaks out in shooting of client

STILLWATER, Okla. - A Stillwater bail bond agent who shot and killed her client has spoken out for the first time on television Tuesday on Inside Edition.

"I was in shock when I saw that video," said Chasity Carey. "It made me look like a monster."

Carey's reaction to seeing the incident was all caught on video.

Brandon Williams, 38, was out on a $35,000 bail for breaking into a fast food joint. He owed Carey $3,500.

Carey invited Williams to her office thinking he was jumping bail after hearing he was headed out of town.

She set up a camera - that captures it all. She locks the door behind him. Her son tries to handcuff Williams.

Williams backs away then tries to escape through a third-floor window. That's when Carey scrambles for a gun in her desk, putting a round in Williams' back.

"It was in the back, but it was in self-defense," she said.

Carey claims we didn't see Williams off camera, lunging back at her.

"I have never been that scared my whole entire life," she said.

Law enforcement see the situation differently.

"He never possessed the gun. He never had the gun. The gun was closed in a drawer," said Sergeant Kyle Bruce, Stillwater detective. "She was the aggressor. He was never violently aggressive towards either one of them."

Carey's attorney maintains killing Williams was not Carey's intention.

"If she wanted to kill him, a kill shot - she was less than a foot away from him; she could have put it to his head or to his heart," said Jarrod Stevenson, Carey's attorney. "The very first thing she did was call 911. You don’t call 911 if you want someone to die."

Carey was found not guilty on first-degree murder charges. Williams' family is planning on filing a civil suit.