Newcastle teen who was critically injured in crash expected to be discharged in May

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COLORADO – “To date, we are 97 days since the accident, 70 days since arriving at Craig Hospital, and 53 days away from being discharged,” said family members of Newcastle teen, Caleb Freeman, on March 25.

Caleb Freeman was critically injured after his vehicle crashed on the way to an OU basketball game back in December. Caleb’s brother, Clayton, was also in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Caleb Freeman, photo cropped from Facebook

They were both rushed to the hospital where Clayton was later released for minor injuries.

Caleb escaped without a broken bone, but suffered major brain trauma.

However, since then, Caleb has marked many milestones on his road to recovery.

Earlier this month, Caleb took his first steps and continues to make progress in walking again.

“Both of Caleb’s legs were moving on their own and his body control was much better. He has a long way to go, but today was awesome to see! We included a video of him walking today! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!” said Caleb’s dad, Jeremy Freeman, in a March 23 Facebook post.

He also said his first words for the first time since the accident and has been improving ever since.

“Many of you have prayed his first word would be ‘mom,’ and guess what…his first word was mom. He also said hi and ow! Can you believe it???” the family shared on Facebook in February. “We serve THE God of miracles. We are in awe of our God…stunned, speechless, grateful, overwhelmed…just incredibly thankful to God for what He did today.”

And, just within the past week, Caleb was able to go on a car ride with his family for a couple of hours for the first time.

“Around 10am this morning, we loaded Caleb up in our van and took off for a 2 1/2 hour adventure. We drove toward the mountains and just let Caleb enjoy the view…to which he said, ‘It’s beautiful!’ We then went to Andy’s Frozen Custard and got him something sweet to eat…to which he said, ‘It was worth the wait.’ We then got him some soup…to which he said, ‘This is very good.’ Caleb told us multiple times how great it was just to go for a drive with his family. He enjoyed every minute of it and can not wait to do it again.

As we drove down the road, I found myself grinning from ear to ear. I had my oldest son riding shotgun and I could not have been happier. I loved every single second of it. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of this time with Caleb today!!!

After the outing we came back to the hospital and had lunch in Caleb’s room, and then he wanted to rest. As he laid down, he said some of the sweetest things. Here are a few things he said to us (me, Emily, and Brittany):

‘God is healing me and I’m ready to tell everyone.’
‘I’m ready to tell everyone about Jesus.’
‘Dad, look at how beautiful Brittany is.’
‘Have I wronged anyone before or after the accident? Because if I have, I want to tell them I’m sorry.’
‘Dad, if you needed my heart, I would give it to you.’
‘The wreck was the best thing that could have happened to me because God is making me better.’
‘God is making my heart better.’
‘But God is my theme,'” the family shared in a March 24 Facebook post. 

And, Caleb’s mom said the family even got to speak with the driver that hit Caleb and Clayton.

“I have often thought about the man who drove the semi-truck that hit Caleb and Clayton…who is he? Where was he going? What did he see that night? How is he doing now?

Alex reached out to us on Friday through Facebook. We were able to schedule a phone call that took place this afternoon. It was so good to talk to him….to hear his perspective on the accident. We found out that after Caleb’s truck skidded into his lane of traffic, it stopped completely right in front of him. When his semi hit on Caleb’s side, it was with the force of about 72,000 lbs. Alex could not believe that Caleb survived the impact and that he did not have a single broken bone. Neither can we!!! #ButGod!”

Caleb has been in a Colorado hospital, and according to family members, he will be discharged on May 16.

“To date, we are 97 days since the accident, 70 days since arriving at Craig Hospital, and 53 days away from being discharged. When I showed Caleb this, he saw just how much God has done and that we are not too far away from being home. We had a great weekend and Caleb even went for another car drive today. He loves it! He says, ‘It’s really awesome.’ We thank the Lord for the great times we had these past two days! I told Caleb that even though our discharge date is May 16th, God could heal him completely at any time. Caleb said, ‘Maybe on Easter!’ I said, ‘Let’s make that our prayer…let’s ask God to completely resurrect you on Easter Sunday.’ He said, ‘That would be cool,'” said Caleb’s dad on Facebook on March 25.

The family continues to ask for prayers in Caleb’s progress.

Caleb’s progress can be followed on the Pray for Caleb Freeman Facebook page, and a YouCaring account has been set up to help his family pay for his medical bills.

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