Oklahoma dad creates viral video to bring awareness to teacher walkout

TULSA, Okla. – As the clock continues to tick toward a deadline for a teacher pay raise, some Oklahoma families are keeping a close eye on the Capitol.

Jon Summers is the father behind the “Applicable Dad” Facebook page, where he usually posts light-hearted videos.

However, his page took on a more serious tone last week.

“I’ve seen the highs, the lows, the emotional turmoil, the budget cuts, all of the significant issues,” Summers told KJRH.

Summers’ wife is a teacher at Moore Elementary School, and is planning to participate in the walkout if the OEA’s demands are not met by lawmakers.

Tony Garnder is a support staffer at Moore Elementary School, and currently works two jobs to make ends meet.

“Without that secondary job, income for me would be low,” Garnder said.

After learning about the impact of the budget crisis on local schools, Summers decided to make a video supporting the walkout.

The walkout is planned for April 2 if lawmakers don’t reach an agreement to fund teacher pay raises, support staff raises and a way to restore funding to education.