The smells of springtime, for these friends, is hickory smoke and slow cooked BBQ.

MOORE, OKLAHOMA -- Barbecue knows no real season for Jackie Kelley, his wife Debbie, and cooking partner Kent Morgan.

They cook in the dead of winter, but this day marks a true turning.

"It's great," says Jackie.

"It's beautiful out here," echoes Debbie Kelley.

Instead of running into the house for warmth they can all sit beneath their blooming pear tree, soak up some sun, and the scent of hickory from the smoker.

Debbie continues, "We have a beautiful tree to look at and a beautiful smoker to look at."

They start the process on a Wednesday rubbing brisket, ribs, and pork butt with seasonings.

"That's the way we do it," says Kent Morgan.

The team refrigerates their product all night.

They smoke it all day at 215 degrees.

Jackie says, "When we get it off the smoker we put it on the steam tables and it cooks the rest of the night. So around 20 hours."

You can get your nose up close to the pretty pear blossoms of spring but the aroma won't match the sight.

Debbie planted a few pink flowers next to the mail box but all you have to do is dust them.

The real aroma of spring around here comes from this smokestack and it spreads all over the neighborhood in north Moore.

"Once that smell hits them, then once they taste," says Kent, "They're hooked."

You don't even have to open the oven doors to know that the 'Q' is in full bloom.

Jackie says, "The whole process is exciting to me."

Jackie, Debbie, and Kent call their little operation No Rules Barbecue.

They've been cooking for hungry 'Q' lovers under different names for years.

This spring business is picking up with the rise in temperatures.

"It picks way up when the weather gets warmer," Debbie says.

Early Friday morning we return for the picking.

The meat falls off the bone and onto the plate almost by itself.

Add some pasta salad and baked beans and there's a bouquet no one can resist.

Spring came just in time, warm, almost hot, fragrant, and, in this case, ready to eat.

The No Rules Barbecue team has catering and contest gigs lined up already.

The No Rules team can be found on Facebook @NoRulesBBQ.

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