Two men safe after fire at N.W. Oklahoma City home

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two men are safe after a fire at a home on the city's northwest side.

Fire crews responded to the scene near N. Pennsylvania Ave. and N.W. 23rd St. around 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

“Got up to do something and I noticed a little smoke coming through a little knot hole in the floor, and I thought, 'that’s unusual,'" said Bruce Fitzell who lived in the home.

Investigators say Fitzell and another man were home at the time of the fire; one was upstairs while the other was downstairs.

Fitzell says he could barely see through the smoke.

“It was denser and denser and I thought, ‘well this isn’t good,'" he said. "Tried to go into the living room and it was even denser there so I just turned around and walked out the back door.”

Thankfully, they were able to make it out of the home before firefighters arrived.

Crews had to apply water from the exterior for nearly 30 minutes before they were able to get inside.

The cause of the fire was undetermined and the house didn't have water or electricity.

Fire officials estimate damages to be around $85,000.