“I had to say something,” Moore middle school student vocalizes her support of teacher walkout

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Highland East

MOORE, Okla. – An 8th grade student in Moore has made it a point to be vocal about her support of her teachers and the walkout on April 2.

“Probably just hang out with my family” said Brooke Wright about her plans for the unexpected day off thanks to the teacher walkout.

Moore teachers, including her instructors at Highland East, will not be going in to school on Monday.

“I believe the teachers should get a raise and they shouldn’t get disrespected like they are,” Wright said.

After driving by the Moore teachers rally on Thursday, Wright made a Facebook post supporting teachers, their struggle pay and funding increases.

“I saw like all those teachers out there, and some of them went to my school and I see kids that were from my school out there, supporting the teachers,” Wright said. “I just thought I had to say something.”

Bridgette Wilson is Wright’s “proud” mother.

“I was pretty proud,” Wilson said. “She comes from a long line of teachers: her grandmother, her aunt, cousin myself; we all work in the school setting, and we know what it’s like. So, pretty proud that she stuck up for the teachers. Not a lot of kids would do that, but she had her opinion and I was proud of her.”

Wilson is in a interesting position. She is an hourly teacher’s assistant at Highland East and will have to work on Monday while her kids – including her son, Junior, with special needs – stay home.

“It makes it tough on some parents that have to find daycares and babysitters for their children,” she said.

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