Weatherford schools set to resume classes Tuesday

WEATHERFORD, Okla. - Monday in Weatherford, there were no classes - but that's all going to change Tuesday. Administrators have opted to resume classes while sending a teacher delegation to the rallies in Oklahoma City.

Schoolyards were empty at Weatherford schools, classes were canceled for the teacher walkout and some educators made the trip to the capitol on Monday.

"It was overwhelming," said 5th grade teacher Megan Merkey. "There were a lot of people there all for the same reasons, so it was very inspiring."

While teachers showed unity in Oklahoma City - for some, the walkout was not their first choice.

"I think it had to be done. I think it's something that no one wants to do. I didn’t want to do it but, luckily, I have a very supportive district that decided to close down today so that we could go up to the capitol and have our voice heard," Merkey said.

"Our teachers are the lowest paid in the United States, and it's kind of a big deal that they get this pay raise," said Weatherford 12th grader Alex Shook.

Teachers and students will be back at school on Tuesday. News 4 talked with Superintendent Chad Wilson. Weatherford schools are opting to resume classes but will still send two-three teachers from each of the five schools as a delegation to the capitol.

Substitutes and parents will be used to fill in for the teachers making the trip to Oklahoma City.

"I really appreciate that for the simple fact that it doesn’t delay any of the activities that will go on in the summertime," said Yvonne Smith, a parent of three children who attend Weatherford schools. "I personally like what Weatherford chose to do with the teacher walkout."

"I think it's kind of important that we keep our students in school because, if they just shut down the schools indefinitely, that's screwing me out of an education and that's kind of important," Shook said.

"I think its wonderful because we are still meeting the needs of our students but our voice is still being heard by sending delegates," Merkey said.

School officials tell News 4 they will keep sending the delegations until the situation is resolved.