“I’m a lonely kid,” Vibrant 8-year-old looking for a loving family

OKLAHOMA CITY - Thomas is a ball of energy, so it was a bit of a challenge keeping up with him.

This 8-year-old is a vibrant third grader who has been in DHS custody since 2016.

"I'm a lonely kid,” Thomas said. "I don't have a family basically."

And, it's pretty easy to see why he'd make a great son to parents one day. His personality is infectious.

"Nice, good, a friend,” is how Thomas described himself.

He'd also like to be a friend to older siblings one day.

"Two girls and two boys," he said.

Really, he'd just like someone to hang out with in his spare time.

"Play outside," is what he said he likes to do. "Hide and seek and lots of other games."

And where he'd want to live?

"A big story house," he said.

Even at 8-years-old, he realizes being under DHS custody is not his fault.

"I didn't make the choice to live in a house," he said. "They made the choice for me."

Now, it's his turn to decide what a good family looks like for him with a wish for a place to call home.

For more information on adopting Thomas, call Tom Peterson at (405) 325-9398.

For more resources, visit http://www.okdhs.org/services/adopt/Pages/default.aspx.

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