Day 3 of Oklahoma teacher walkout, demand for funding

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OKLAHOMA CITY - As teachers and supporters rally at the state capitol for a third day, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety said they've identified a number of outside protest groups.

"In the past, some of these groups have been known to show violent behavior during non-violent rallies," a statement from DPS read. "There have been reports of threats made towards members of the Legislature and the Governor’s office."

Thousands packed the capitol again on Wednesday as the walkout enters day three. Some teachers, like Erin Michael, said they will stay for as long as needed.

"If we don’t start funding our classrooms, our whole system is going to collapse and what are we going to do?" Michael said.

Teachers and supporters packed the House chambers as an amendment on a bill, requiring Amazon for example, to remit taxes sales from taxes through its third party vendors to Oklahoma was brought up.

There was disagreement on the House floor on the education budget.

"So, can you tell these folks here in the gallery... to whom now you say this money doesn't have to go to education... that, with $147 million upside down in the plan, why we shouldn't allocate these dollars directly to public schools?" Rep. Scott Inman, D-Del City questioned Rep. Kevin Wallace, R-Wellston.

"We have a budget going into education that increases $480 million. That's 320 million still in the black," Wallace responded. "We have state employee pay raise to pay for out of that. We have ad valorem reimbursement. We have bond."

Prior to the floor discussion, News 4 also confronted Rep. John Enns, R-Waukomis after a constituent took to Facebook saying Enns told her 25 percent of the people in the crowd were paid actors from Chicago.

"I was told there were paid protesters out here," Enns said.

He also added he's seen "chaotic" behaviors this week at the capitol.

"I’ve had people beating on my pickup," Enns said. "I’ve had people yelling me as I’m trying to drive into the parking lot. Yeah, that’s bad behavior."

Troopers told News 4 they're not aware of any violent groups or have seen any acts of violence inside. A spokesperson for Governor Mary Fallin said he did not know the extent of the threats.

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