Students hold their own rally at teacher walkout

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OKLAHOMA CITY - “Do your job! Do your job! Do your job!” chanted the crowds at day 3 of the teacher walkout.

The chants were not dying down and the school closings just kept coming.

“Chickasha Public Schools closed indefinitely!” yelled the DJ to the cheering crowds.

But on the third day of picketing, the focus shifted to students as they held a rally of their own.

“We the students of Oklahoma are with you for as long as this strike takes!” said Cameron Olbert, a student at Classen SAS in the Oklahoma City public school district.

Gabrielle Davis, a senior at Edmond Memorial High School, organized the rally in just two days.

“At this point, this isn’t a teacher raise issue, this is a student funding education issue. This is a prioritizing our futures issue. They’re passing legislation for this, why don’t we come out and talk?” said Davis.

Students wore white t-shirts with the date they turned or will turn 18 on the front and the names of their senators and representatives on the back.

“Letting them know that we know who they are and many of us will be turning 18 in November and that we will be voting if they do not support our teachers,” said Johnathan Curtis, an Edmond Memorial student.

“We may not be in class taking notes today, but that’s because we’re at the capitol and we’re taking names! And when the students of Oklahoma go to vote in just a couple short years, we’re going to remember yours!” said Olbert.

One dad whose son is a second grader at Capitol Hill elementary in Oklahoma City brought out a desk and chair for his son to sit in on the capitol grounds and study.

A sign on the front of the desk read “Fund my future not your botox.”

A message that father said was pointed at Governor Mary Fallin.

“You care more about your face than you do about the kids, the future of our state,” said Rome Maguregui.