Teachers, supporters journey back to Capitol for day four of teacher walkout

OKLAHOMA CITY - Teachers journeyed back to the Oklahoma State Capitol for day four of the teacher walkout.

The atmosphere was filled with loud chants like, "We need teachers, we need books, we need the money that the Capitol took!"

The theme at the Capitol was Family Day. Teachers packed the outside steps with their loved ones.

"As a community, I feel like our teachers need backing," said one supporter.

Even the kids chimed in.

"At PC West, we have too many emergency certified teachers," said Aisha Graham.

"I have social studies books that are literally falling to pieces," said another student.

The chants were nearly faded by protests. Some had bibles in their hands and signs that read "you deserve hell."

But, the voice of opposition couldn't out do some students and staff.

Ultimately, teachers said they want lawmakers to listen.

"They better start believing that we're serious because we are," said Lisa Thomas, Choctaw High School teacher. "I've been here every day because we need more funding for our classrooms."

More districts have canceled school for Friday.

For a list of closings, click here.