Crowded Capitol on the 5th day of teacher walkout

OKLAHOMA CITY - On the fifth day, walkout supporters started early.

Long before the sun came up - they started filing in to get a spot in the gallery as the Senate heard bills to fund education.

"We're so close to the door, and unfortunately, just didn't make the cut," said Stephanie Marshall, a teacher at Nicoma Park Elementary.

A group of teachers from Nicoma Park Elementary thought if they met at the school at 5 a.m. to carpool to the Capitol, the early bird would get the worm, but unfortunately for them, that was not the case.

"We were here at about 6:30 and we didn't make it in," said Ginny Olson, who has taught in the district for 26 years.

So, they joined the long line of others outside the gallery with the same story.

"Got here early and still didn't make it, but that's okay," said Shelby Wagner of Frontier Elementary in Edmond. "We're still positive."

Even our News 4 crews had a tough time with the crowds.  A reporter and photographer were stuck on separate floors as they became over capacity.

News 4 viewer Patricia Willson was stuck in a similar situation.

"I was watching the news at 6 o'clock this morning and you said that people were already here at 5:30 this morning and I thought 'oh no, what am I going to do?'" Wilson recalled.

In between chants, folks who didn't make it in the gallery were kept up to date on the vote.

Some found that being on the outside, isn't always so bad after all.

"We were hoping to get in, but honestly, being among this crowd and with them out there cheering is more empowering than I thought and it's absolutely wonderful and I have never been more proud - honestly," said Toby Thomas of Nicoma Park Elementary.

The first person in line said she woke up at 3 a.m., but it was worth it "for the kids."