Oklahoma teacher has message for “actors from Chicago” rumored to be at Capitol during teacher walkout

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma teacher has a message for all of the “actors from Chicago” who are rumored to be at the Capitol for the teacher walkout.

Thousands of educators and their supports have descended on the Capitol since Monday, the first day of the teacher walkout in the state, calling for better education funding after years and millions of dollars of cuts.

Since then, many rumors have surfaced, one of those being that paid actors from Chicago were part of the growing crowd at the Capitol.

On Wednesday, News 4 confronted Rep. John Enns, after a constituent took to Facebook, saying Enns told her 25 percent of the people in the crowd were paid actors from Chicago.

“This is off the record, right?” said Enns, when confronted by a handful of reporters about the allegations.

“No,” replied the reporters.

“I’m just saying that’s what I heard,” said the Enid Republican. When pressed on who he heard the claims from, Enns said he “can’t give that information out.”

“I was told that there were paid protesters down there.”

“Who’s paying them?” asked a reporter.

“I have no idea. That’s what I was told.”

“And they’re from Chicago?”

“That’s what I was told.”

“Do you believe that?”

“I have no idea.”

After rumors of paid actors from Chicago started circulating, one teacher from Moore, Oklahoma posted a video to her Facebook page to give tips to the so-called “actors from Chicago.”

“I wanted to give you guys some tips on how you could sound legit,” Stephanie Cline said in the beginning of the video captioned “How to Talk Like an OK Teacher.”

See examples in the video below:

Her video has been viewed over 1,000 times.