Mother, 4-month-old son lucky to be alive after hit by semi who fled the scene 

SHERMAN, Tex. – A mother and her 4-month-old son are lucky to be alive after being hit by a semi who then fled the scene.

Thursday, mom Brittany Smith and her 4-month-old son Gabriel were traveling south on U.S. 75 around 11:30 a.m.

“There was an 18-wheeler on the side of me,” Smith told KXII. “I saw it initially and was trying to get away from it because the lanes were kinda small.”

Smith tried to speed up so she could get out of his way, but the semi, which was also towing a trailer, changed lanes. Smith’s vehicle was then pinned along the barrier of the construction zone.

“It was very terrifying,” she said. “Once he pinned us, I didn’t know what to do. All I can remember is seeing his wheels and praying that I don’t go underneath his wheels.”

After her vehicle got caught under the tires of the trailer, police said her vehicle then rolled several times.

“I could see blood on my hands, bruises,” Smith said. “I really didn’t care. I wanted to get my child out of the car.”

 Amazingly, Smith escaped the accident with only minor injuries and her son was not hurt.

Police say the driver of the semi fled the scene.

“I just want this to show people how dangerous that section is, and if the driver is watching this, report yourself,” she said. “Because you basically almost took my life and my child’s life. The car can be replaced, but he can’t be replaced.”

Officials are hoping to find the driver of the semi.