“The legislators are there to work for us,” Parents rally for teachers as walkout continues

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OKLAHOMA CITY – After Oklahoma teachers spent a week rallying for more funding at the state capitol, parents camped out near a gas station on Saturday.

“I want to make sure she has the textbooks that she need,” said Margaret Robinson. “I want to make sure that she has as safe classroom environment. When we go to read to her class, I want to make sure that there’s chairs where we can sit down.”

Robinson organized the rally and says parents, too, need to step up.

“The parents need to know that they have an opportunity to have a voice in what happens. The legislators are there to work for us.”

State Representative Scott Inman also showed up.

“If we quit today, that state’s in need of at least of about $300 million more dollars to truly accomplish what the folks behind us want to accomplish,” said Inman, who says he and his fellow lawmakers can work together by looking back at history.

“You’ve got to look at the past,” said Inman. "You’ve got to look at the last 10 years in which we’ve had the deepest cuts in public education of any state in the country.”

Robinson says she isn’t from Oklahoma, but has made the state her home.

“I didn’t grow up here in Oklahoma. I grew up in another state where they were very well funded,” said Robinson. “And now, bringing up my daughter here, and I love Oklahoma, this is my home now, but I want her to have everything that I had growing up. All the investment in her future.”

Her 8-year-old daughter, Marion, also came to the rally.

“Please fund education,” she said. “I want to grow up smart and be able to have a good life and you know, get a good job.”

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