Intensity ramps up for day 6 of Oklahoma teacher walkout

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OKLAHOMA CITY - “What do we want? Funding! When do we want it? Now!”

The chants were ramping up in intensity Monday as the Oklahoma teacher walkout entered its second week with community support flooding in.

Around 200 female attorneys marched into the state capitol to try and help mediate a solution to bring the teacher walkout to an end.

“We’ve got teachers out here. This is not their job. It’s the community’s job. It’s the lawyer’s job, but it’s not the teacher’s jobs to fight for our children’s funding for education,” said attorney Becki Murphy. “I want change. And, I want us to stop talking about it and I want us to do something.”

Mexican restaurant Ted’s Escondido gave away 10,000 tacos to teachers, their largest catering event ever.

“All the folks in red shirts behind me have all just donated their time and said, hey, we’re here to help," said David Foxx with Ted’s. "We want to support the communities that have supported us for 27 years.”

“Day six is definitely the biggest crowd yet,” said parent Sarah Jordan. "This is bedlam. I mean this is crazy."

Teachers and parents alike said, as the walk out enters week two, they’re not backing down.

“We’ve come too far now. We have to stay,” said teacher Jamie Patterson. "We have to stay until we get what we need for funding."

“I think everybody wants to make sure that we see some solid results. If we’ve already inconvenienced everybody for this long, let’s just get it done and make sure we’re heard and make sure our requests are met,” Jordan said. “I thought that it would take two weeks for sure, so I think we’re in it to win it at this point.”

“The amount of support we have here and the amount of camaraderie is just phenomenal,” said teacher Sam Wargin.

“I need to be back in the classroom,” said teacher Nancy Morgan. "I need to finish this year strong. I need my students to finish strong. They’re ready, we’re ready but we need funding."

“We’re ready for this to end,” said teacher Maria Schoen. "We really want legislators to do their job and finish this."

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