OSU head coach Mike Gundy tweets support for donation drive for Oklahoma teachers

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STILLWATER, Okla. – OSU head football coach Mike Gundy is continuing to show his support for teachers through his actions.

When he’s not winning football games or defending players in a viral video, Gundy is a passionate father of two.

Last week,  Gundy said that he was in full support of the teachers who are at the Oklahoma State Capitol to ask for educational funding.

“I’m 100% behind our educators. I don’t pretend to know all the ins-and-outs of the details involved. I do a lot of reading to try and stay involved since I’m now deeply invested in the situation. Not necessarily the teacher walkout, but I have always felt that the educators in this state are way overworked and way underpaid. And anytime that we have people that are directly tied in with our children for six to eight hours a day, we should try to facilitate them and give them the facilities and do everything we can to make sure that they can do their job the best possible. That future relies on us to all do our part. So I’m 100% behind them and I think they should do whatever they think is necessary in order for them to get what’s necessary to be successful so our children can benefit from that in the future,” Gundy said.


Now, Gundy is showing his support by collecting items for teachers participating in the walkout.

"We are collecting items for teachers going to the Capitol Mon 9-1 at Sangre Ridge. Items needed are gas cards, Uber cards, snacks, drinks (soda), we have lots of water as of now, fruit & monetary donations are greatly needed! This supports the entire SPS district. Thank you!" he tweeted.

He also tweeted out his support for a GoFundMe page for teachers.

Gundy's two children attend Stillwater Public Schools and the head coach recently spoke at a school board meeting to call for additional security on campus.

"I'm willing to foot the bill for the rest of the school year if we can protect our kids. We teach, we coach, we parent -that's what life's all about, so keep me posted, I'll be in touch with you. Thank you," Gundy said before leaving the meeting.

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