Several earthquakes rattle the state over the weekend

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COVINGTON, Okla. - Earthquakes over the weekend and Monday morning shook the small, quiet town of Covington. Neighbors said the magnitude of the quakes left them by surprise.

Oklahoma was rattled with 25 earthquakes in the past seven days. The U.S. Geological Survey said a 4.6 magnitude quake shook parts of Garfield County on Saturday.

“It sound like somebody run into the house, and it shook but it didn't shake anything off the walls,” said resident Ruby Lawson.

A 4.3 magnitude earth was recorded Monday in the same area.

“We've had some higher than usual earthquakes,” said Garfield County EMA Director Mike Honigsberg. "Normally, on average, ours around here about 2.5 to 3."

Honisgberg said the area felt some record numbers over the weekend.

“Then, you have the 4.6s, and 4.3s and this kind of thing, just out of the blue, that's a little alarming,” he said.

It's a bit concerning for those living in the area. Saturday's big one hit around 7:15 in the morning.

“When you're sitting there and all of a sudden it happens, it gets your attention,” said Roy Scott.

The quake did some damage to a Covington senior center by cracking a window and shattering some siding.

“In fact, I thought the ceiling was going to come down,” Scott said.

The emergency management agency is asking if anyone sustained damages because of the earthquakes to give the Garfield County Emergency Management office a call.

The swarm of quakes causing the corporation commission to take swift action reducing disposal well volume in the Arbuckle formation from 17 thousand barrels a day to just five.

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