David Holt sworn in as mayor of Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a new era in Oklahoma City as a new mayor is sworn in - something that hasn't happened in more than a decade.

"Fourteen years ago, we didn't have iPhones, we didn't have Twitter and Russell Westbrook wasn't old enough to drive," Mayor David Holt said during the swearing in ceremony at City Hall.

The 39-year-old said he has big shoes to fill as he replaces Mick Cornett, who decided to not run for reelection after serving as mayor for 14 years.

"Obviously, was a terrific mayor, the longest-serving mayor in our city, and a lot of important things happened," Holt said. "But, we've come so far so fast. It's easy to think that we're finished, but we know that we're not."

Holt, a fourth-generation Oklahoman and graduate of the Putnam City School District, and his wife, Rachel, have two kids, George and Maggie, and it's the future generation - like them - he said he's working for.

"We still have to keep investing in our city, and we have to continue to build a city for our kids," Holt said.

One change for kids can be seen at city hall, where he has revitalized the mayor's conference room. The walls now feature 20 pictures of kids he said are demographically representative of Oklahoma City.

It's a new look he said ties into his mission of "1OKC."

"I wanted to double down on unity," Holt said. "I wanted to double down on the idea that we could set aside our differences and find a common purpose."

Holt advocated for education funding as a senator, but believes he and others can still have a role supporting public education. While education is state funded, Holt said there may be creative ways the city can improve public education.

"We had a hope for a long time because we had the maps for kids vision, but that was created almost 20 years ago, so that has run its course and it's really time for us to rally around something," Holt said.

Holt is the first registered tribal member to serve as mayor of Oklahoma City. The chief of the Osage Tribe, Geoffrey Standing Bear, was there for Holt's swearing in Tuesday.