Man steals donations meant for large animal nonprofit organization

OKLAHOMA CITY - Hank Junior was found almost a month ago in a rural field with a broken pelvis and head trauma.

The Bella Foundation, a nonprofit organization, spent $1,200 in surgery costs to help him.

But, a thief stole money that would have gone to animals like Hank Junior.

"This young guy came into the clinic, and he was selling things for his school in order to go to L.A. to go to a basketball tournament. At least, that's the story that he gave us,” said Dr. Tamara Smith, veterinarian at Pet Friends Veterinary Hospital.

Surveillance video from Pet Friends Veterinary Hospital shows the young man with a box of cookies last Thursday afternoon. He said he was selling for a Putnam City high school, although they don’t know which school.

"I took the box back there and asked if they wanted anything. They said no. Came back to the front, set it down and said, 'Shoot, I have no cash,'” said employee Cynthia Salaises.

She told him to come back later but, before he left, you can see him swipe a Bella SPCA donation box while she looks down.

It happened so fast, you almost have to take a second look.

"He came in here and was so kind. 'Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am. I'll be back. No problem, ma'am,' and he stole from right underneath my nose. I'm offended," Salaises said.

It wasn't until the next day they realized the donation box with more than $60 was gone.

It's cash that should have gone to help rescue the animals.

"It's disheartening because we see these stories every day and we know how hard people are working to support these animals that are in need and, ultimately, it makes me hurt for this young man," said Executive Director of The Bella Foundation Matthew Goodwin.

It's why the owner of the vet clinic said she won't press charges if he'll come back with an apology, the money stolen and one more thing.

"Give Bella Foundation some of your time to see what they're doing for the community and give yourself an opportunity to help out where you were hurting,” Smith smith.

We reached out to Putnam City schools. They said nobody recognizes the person in the video.

If you know anything, call Oklahoma City police.

The Bella Foundation adopted out 1,200 animals last year.

Click here for more information on The Bella Foundation and how to donate.