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“She’s my sister and we really like each other,” Siblings hoping to be adopted together

OKLAHOMA CITY - Julee and Tavares have been living apart for years and are hoping to finally be together again.

And, if they look familiar, it's because we featured them on 'A Place To Call Home' a year and a half ago.

Fast forward to now, and they are still looking for a home.

Tavares is 11, and Julee is 8 years old this month.

One thing is for sure - this pair is not shy.

"I call her Julee a lot, and I call you T,” they said to each other.

When we interviewed them in 2016, Tavares really wanted to be a video journalist.

But, things have changed since then.

Tavares says he's interested in being a nurse, while Julee says she'd like to be a doctor.

This duo knows each other well even though they live apart.

"He's loud,” Julee said. "He likes to make stuff."

"That's true,” Tavares agreed. "Whatever I can find, I’ll make it work."

And Tavares would really like to make a permanent family work for the two of them together.

"She's my sister and we really like each other,” Tavares said.

While a regular group of siblings might bicker and pretend to not like each other, these two are just craving more time with one another.

"She's a little bit on her down side about that,” Tavares said.

Right now, they say they only see each other once a month.

It's something they'd like to change, with both a mom and dad, but they also are hoping for more siblings.

"I want to have another brother and another sister!" Julee said.

"I want to have another sister,” Tavares said.

First though, they want one home for both. They want a home that can provide the care they need after going through a lot of trauma.

"I'm tired of going back and forth,” Tavares said.

"Two and a half years. GEEZ!" Julee said.

And, to be one unit again with a place to call home.

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