Oklahoma woman survives being shot twice in the head by coworker

VINITA, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman says she is thankful to be alive after she was brutally attacked by a coworker in January.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies say Bonnie VanDeraa was shot twice in the head and beaten with a wooden baton inside her apartment earlier this year.

“I had my hands up like this, protecting my head, and he took a baton stick and beat me over the hands until the stick broke,” she told FOX 23.

As a result of the attack, VanDeraa suffered two gunshot wounds and a skull fracture. Amazingly, she was able to crawl to a neighbor’s house for help.

Investigators say VanDeraa’s coworker is the one responsible for the attack. However, he reportedly killed himself after the attack.

Doctors weren’t sure that VanDeraa would survive her injuries, but she is beating the odds.

She stayed in the hospital just eight days before she was released. Less than a month later, she walked a 5K race in Tulsa.