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True to his word: OSU coach Mike Gundy donates thousands to protect Stillwater students

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STILLWATER, Okla. – An Oklahoma football coach kept his word and is now working to make sure Stillwater students are safe at school.

When Mike Gundy isn’t coaching Oklahoma State’s football team, he is the father of two boys who attend Stillwater Public Schools.

Following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Gundy spoke at a school board meeting to call for additional security on campus.

“We have protection in our banks, in the airport, in the jewelry store, but we don’t have protection in our schools,” Gundy said. “We can replace all those things, but we can’t replace our kids.”

After the recent school shootings, Gundy suggested putting trained, retired law enforcement officers in place to help protect students.

“I’m willing to foot the bill for the rest of the school year if we can protect our kids. We teach, we coach, we parent -that’s what life’s all about, so keep me posted, I’ll be in touch with you. Thank you,” Gundy said before leaving the meeting.

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Now, it seems the coach has been true to his word.

The Stillwater News Press reports that Stillwater Public Schools will have an armed member of law enforcement at each school site for the rest of the year if the Board of Education votes to accept a donation from Gundy.

Gundy's donation adds up to about $1,166 per day, which would likely total more than $35,000 for the rest of the school year.

"I have spent more time and more hours on security in Stillwater schools than I have on Oklahoma State football in the last three weeks,” Gundy told the newspaper last week. “At one point, I thought I might have bit off more than I could handle, but I got in deep and I am thrilled with the meetings we've had with the Superintendent Marc Moore, school board members, Stillwater police and their willingness to work with the Payne County Sheriff's department. For all of us to come together, it makes me proud to be a citizen in the community of Stillwater.”

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