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Her 105th birthday party was memorable just like all the others.

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MUSTANG, OKLAHOMA -- She made her entrance at the Arbor House Assisted Living Center with a traditional Happy Birthday song, and then a bit of 'the old razzle dazzle'.

Margaret Bennett Randal turned 105 on Tuesday, April 10th and, as usual, she made the most of her opportunity in the spotlight.

"How old are you now?" asks a visitor.

"I don't know," admits Bennett Randal. "I was born in 1913."

"You have to endure a lot to get this old."

Her stage name for opera was Mirza Mar-Gay.

She was a coloratura soprano whose favorite role was Lakme' in the famous French opera.

Margaret sings a few measures and describes, "those are bells way up high."

Later in her singing career, she landed the part of the Gingerbread Witch in Hansel and Gretel on her laugh alone.

Again she demonstrates.

She was a speech and elocution teacher at several different California colleges.

Margaret had two kids including Steve Schlosser, now a retired minister.

"It's amazing," he says. "The things she's seen since 1913."

Arbor House staff and residents got together on a big chocolate cake.

Gathan Graham played the piano.

Margaret likes the fast ones like Orange Blossom Special.

This admittedly shy kid from Wilbur, Washington made it a lot farther than she ever thought she could, but she's still happy to be around.

"You do all kinds of things you didn't know you were going to do," she says.

Her songs and even her witch cackle can still reach the back row.

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